Sunday, April 27, 2014

The City of Jakarta

It has been somewhat 6 months since I finally moved to Jakarta. The capital city of my beloved country , the city where my man struggling with his work.

Firstly, the reasons why I moved to Jakarta :

1. I started to feel bored with my job as a Lab Assistant in Singapore, and I wanted more challenges.
2. I thought that in Indonesia, I have more chances to be an entrepreneur. (which turns out, Im just too immature to be thinking that way)
3. Of Course, because long distance relationship is hard. And moving to Jakarta is all I want, since God knows when.

So, this few months..

I have learnt so much, from the good and bad experience I had in this city. Like for example,
Got cheated which makes me lost my first Rupiah in my bank account.
Lost my blackberry, since I misplaced it in public place.
But also, understand how many people in here are not in a fair living condition.
The rich are soo rich, and the poor are struggling for a place to live.

But I'm thankful..

Coz I feel even closer to my family. And I appreciate how much my parents understands my decision.
Though, they are actually very worried to leave me all alone here. (Definitely, Singapore is a much safetier place for a Girl to live by themself,no doubt!)

And to have those moments and experiences with A here is something I will cherish for now..

Always be Positive,

Gracia <3

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#mybeautykitchen 2 - Honey Carrot mask

Hi guys, this is my second beauty kitchen recipe! Hope you like it!

Contains : High anti oxidant which protects your skin from harmfull chemicals (air pollutants, makeup etc) and also uv radiation. Yet, I added honey to boost up the skin hydration level!

What you'll need :
1 pc carrots
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp water

Equipments you'll need to prepare :
- rice cooker
- food processor

Step :
- wash and peel off the carrots and then cut whatever the way you want.
- then steam the carrots using the rice cooker
- when its softened, transfer it to the food processor and mix with the other ingredients.
- then take some and spread it to your whole face
- wait for 10-20 mins
- wash off and pat dry.

Its that simple, believe me ! ; )


Gracia ♥

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today I learned,

Goals in your life are the future you holding and makes you live right now. Whats the point of driving without a destination isnt it? Tough roads, bad weather wont makes you turn around if thats really the place where you wannna be. 

Great things takes sacrifaction. As cheesy as it sounds it will aaaalll be as worthy as how much you worth that goal. 

I was very surprised to heard this from Blair (a beauty guru on youtube @juicystar07), "people like to do uncomfortable things, just to feel proud of themselves after they did it" 

Dont you think its true? 

So now, i kept thinking.. This uncomfortable phase of my life worth my dreams, worth my goals. And I will be damn proud of myself in the future if I did it great! Thats why I wanna go hard. 

Damn. It will be worthed afterall. 

Stay strong people! 

Making it happen. 


Friday, May 24, 2013

Taylor Says

DeviliciousAnchors Away
 Anchors AwayLookie
Hells BellsBrossie

Dont you think they are so cool and pretty? I want to rock on them so bad.
Definitely adding them to my wishlist!
Check them out! Their price range is $100-$300
I first met them on , and I straight away fall in love !
Ah can't decide which one is my favourite though..

Which design you love the most? Tell me below ;) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photoshoot #1 - by Danny Sean

Thanks to Danny Sean for making such a beautiful pictures of me! :)

I really love this set of pictures, coz I think its really capture the true me? hahaha and also it was taken at where Im living right now. So this really captures me right now in this phase of life. Keeping my head up for a great adventure of my own life! :p Chasing the dreams and beating up the fears!

Jia You~! :D

Red Head

A fun day when I wanna be somebody else I am not! :p
Story behind these was : nothing. Its just me wanting to trying on a wig. Haha! I bought this wig from a china website which i couldnt remember the name as it was all chinese character. (I couldnt read mandarin, my sis was the one who helped me get it)

So what do you think of me being a red head? Nice? Or eww?

Have fun people! :D

Saturday, December 22, 2012

K-pop inspired

So I was walking by a bus stop with a big signboard of a close up picture of SeoHyun (SNSD) wearing casio watch. I thought of giving it a try using only lower lashes and a touch of korean eye liner style. And here it is ! What do you think about it? Should i wear this look for xmas celebration back at home?